The Wave

Grade Level: 6 through 12

Sunshine State Standards:

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Procedures: Comprehension Questions for use with The Wave video:

  1. When and where did this experiment occur?

  2. What was Mr. Ross' motive for the experiment?

  3. What was the first reaction of the class to Mr. Ross?

  4. What were the effects on the class?

    On Robert?

    On Laurie?

    On Mr. Ross?

  5. What was Mrs. Ross' attitude about the movement?

  6. State at least two reasons why Laurie was troubled by the experiment.

  7. What were the three key words or concepts of the movement?

  8. List two positive and two negative effects of the concepts.

  9. What rules did Mr. Ross and the movement use to motivate people?

  10. What other methods can be used to unit a group?

  11. What made Mr. Ross realize that he must bring the experiment to an end?

  12. What effect did The Wave have on the relationship between David and Laurie?

  13. Who did Mr. Ross say is the actual leader of The Wave?

  14. Why did David believe it is all right to hurt a few people?

  15. How can movements such as The Wave be defeated?

  16. Discuss the difference between having an interest in something and fanaticism?

  17. Mr. Ross said, "It is amazing how much they like you when you make their decisions for them." Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not? Why is decision-making so difficult?

  18. Was Mr. Ross right or wrong in manipulating his students as he did? Defend your answer.

  19. What does this experiment say about the causes of the Holocaust?

  20. What does this film say about authority and power?

  21. Is authority necessarily evil? Why? Why not?

  22. Are there situations where obedience is necessary? Explain.

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