A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust

Map of Treblinka Extermination Camp

Key to Treblinka Map

Burial Pits
Watch Towers
Earthen Wall
Wooded Area
Barbed Wire
Outer Fence

Selected Features

Living Area
  1. Main entrance

  2. Camp command, Commandant's living quarters

  3. Ukranian guards' living quarters

  4. Zoo

  5. Service buildings for the SS

  6. Barracks for the domestic staff

  7. Building for sorting gold and valuables

  8. SS living quarters

  9. Service Storage Buildings

  10. Stables and livestock area

  11. Barracks for kapos, women prisoners

  12. Barracks for male prisoners

  13. Latrine

  14. Assembly area for prisoners (roll call)

  15. Entrances to reception area (station square)

  16. Entrance for the guards

    Reception Area

  17. Station platform, ramp, and square

  18. Storehouse for victims' property (disguised as a train station)

  19. Burial pits

  20. Execution site (disguised as a hospital)

  21. Reception square (sorting area)

  22. Latrine

  23. Cremation pyres

  24. Deportation area

  25. Barracks where women undressed, surrendered their valuables,
    and had heads shaved

  26. Barracks where men undressed

  27. Approach to the gas chambers (der Schlauch)

    Extermination Area

  28. Ten new gas chambers

  29. Three old gas chambers

  30. Cremation pyres

  31. Barracks for prisoners

SOURCE: Sign at Treblinka Memorial site.

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