Study the pictures below: in order to answer the following questions

Picture A

Picture B

Picture C

Choose the best possible answer for each of the following questions.
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1. What does picture A portray?
Partisans attacking the Warsaw ghetto.
Children smuggling food in and out of the ghetto.
People escaping the ghetto.
People scaling the Berlin wall.


2. What does picture B portray?
The village idiot
A man gone mad from conditions in the ghetto
A ghetto satirist performing.
A Nazi performer.


3. What does picture C portray?
SS soldiers.


4. All of the above pictures portray resistance to Nazi tyranny.


Refer to the passage below in order to answer the following questions.

The day of reckoning is come, the reckoning of German youth with the most appalling tyranny that our people has ever endured. In the name of the entire German people we demand from Adolf Hitler the return of our personal freedom, the most valuable possession of the Germans ...


5. The statement above was made by
a Jewish leader.
a member of the Catholic clergy.
some German university students.
Polish citizens.


6. The statement above was made by
Members of the White Rose.
a German SS officer.
a member of the French underground.
a participant in Operation Reinhard.


Review the Resisters sub-section of People.

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