Read the passage below in order to answer the following questions.


Their lives (my parents) were saved by the gentile farmers in that town. There were some very righteous non-Jewish people who had the courage to speak up. Many, many of them...Many of them lost their lives...Sometimes not enough is written about those courageuous non-Jews.

-Ernest Drücker


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1. What is a righteous gentile?
a Jewish religious leader
someone who helped save Jews from persecution
a Nazi
what Nazis called "Aryans"

So then we had to march in rows of five, which became the daily norm, and we walked through the night, and we heard music, and we heard all kinds of miserable noises. When it was almost light, we came to the sauna. We came to big low buildings and whoever was left was numbered. I was number two, I can show you. O.K. and they kept telling us how lucky we were that we might be able to live because we have a number.

-Anita Mayer


2. The passage above describes
daily life in the ghetto
a Nazi Youth rally
rounding up of the Jews
arrival at a concentration camp

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3. What could the "sauna" that Ms. Mayer mentions in the text above refer to?
A spa for SS officers
Gas chambers
A delousing and disinfecting station for prisoners
First aid


Read the passage below in order to answer the following questions.

So, on August 10, one day before my birthday, my father and my sister - I had an older sister who did not go to England because she was too old to go as a child and she would have had to go as a servant and my father didn't want that - we went to the railroad station in Berlin. There were maybe 50 or 100, I don't know the number, other children. All were Jewish. I think we were the only half Jews on this Kindertransport saying goodbye to their parents.

-Helga Waldman


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4. What event in Holocaust history does Ms. Waldman refer to?
The Final Solution
The Ride of the Valkyrie


5. What was a "Mischling," acording to Nazi doctrine?
A traitor
A deserter
Someone with mixed Aryan and Jewish blood
Someone who has spoken out against the regime


Review the Survivors sub-section of People.

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