Virtual Reality Movies: Majdanek

The Majdanek VRs are available in one size only. All movies are a full circle (360 degrees) unless noted otherwise.

Undressing Room

[MOVIE] 376 K

Victims at the Majdanek Death Camp were first brought to this undressing room.

Shower Room

[MOVIE] 348 K

After disrobing, victims were taken to the shower room. The Nazis had discovered that Zyklon B gas was more effective on warm, moist bodies, so victims were allowed to shower and even take a quick dip in one of two tubs before being moved on to the gas chamber. (180 degree panorama)

Gas Chamber

[MOVIE] 368 K

After showering, victims were led to the gas chamber. Zyklon B gas pellets were dropped through holes in the ceiling while hot air was pumped in through holes in the wall. The blue stains are residue of the Zyklon B.


[MOVIE] 412 K

The bodies of gassing victims were burned in the ovens of the crematorium at Majdanek. The bathtub just barely visible in the alcove with the wooden railing was used by the head of the crematorium.

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