The Concentration Camp: Charges Against Concentration Camp Inmates

Nazi Conspiracy & Aggression
Volume I Chapter XI

[Page 956]

In the Eastern territories, these victims were apprehended for extermination in concentration camps without any charges having been made against them. In the Western occupied territories, charges were apparently made against some of the victims. Some of the charges which the Nazis considered sufficient basis for confinement in a concentration camp are illustrated in a summary of the file of the dossier of 25 persons arrested in Luxembourg for commitment to various concentration camps and sets forth the charges made against each person (L-215).

These charges read as follows: Name / Charge / Place of Confinement


HENRICY By associating with members of illegal resistance movements and making money for them violating legal foreign exchange rates, by harming the interests of the Reich and being expected in the future to disobey official administrative regulations and act as an enemy of the Reich Natzweiler

KRIER By being responsible for advanced sabotage of labor and causing fear because of his political and criminal past. Freedom would only further his anti-social urge. Buchenwald ******* [Page 957]

MONTI By being strongly suspected of aiding desertion. Sachsenhausen

JUNKER Because as a relative of a deserter he is expected to endanger the interests of the German Reich if allowed to go free Sachsenhausen

JAEGER Because as a relative of a deserter he is expected to take advantage of every occasion to harm the German Reich Sachsenhausen

LUDWIG For being strongly suspected of aiding desertion Dachau (L-215)"

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