Julius Streicher

All of the documents on this Web page were retrieved from the archives of Shamash: The Jewish Internet Consortium. Source for all excerpts on this page is Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression - Washington, U.S Govt. Print. Off., 1946, Vol. VIII. (The page number given in parenthesis for each excerpt refers to this volume.)

(p. 4) Speech by Julius Streicher, September 5 1937, reported in the Fraenkische Tageszeitung:

The Jew no longer shows himself among us openly as he used to. But it would be wrong to say that victory is ours. Full and final victory will have been achieved only when the whole world has been rid of the Jews.

(p. 7) Leading article by Streicher from "Der StŸrmer" No. 39, September 1936:

The continued work of the "StŸrmer" will help to ensure that every German down to the last man will, with heart and hand, join the ranks of those whose aim is to crush the head of the serpent Pan-Juda beneath their heels. He who helps to bring this about helps to eliminate the devil. And this devil is the Jew.

(p. 11) Streicher's speech in Nuernberg, April 3 1925, taken from "Kampf dem Weltfeind", p. 42:

Let us make a new beginning today so that we can annihilate the Jew.

(p. 12) Deutche Volksgesundheit aus Blut und Boden, New Year's issue 1935:

One single cohabitation of a Jew with an Aryan woman is sufficient to poison her blood forever. Together with the alien albumen she has absorbed the alien soul. Never again will she be able to bear purely Aryan children, even when married to an Aryan. They will all be bastards, with a dual soul and the body of a mixed breed.

(p. 19) Article signed by Streicher in "Der StŸrmer", No, 12, March 19 1942, pages 1 and 2:

There were two ways which might have led to a liberation of Europe from the Jews: Expulsion or extermination! Both methods have been tried in the course of the centuries, but they were never carried to a conclusion....

The teaching of Christianity has stood in the way of a radical solution of the Jewish problem in Europe...

Fate has decreed that it was finally left to the 20th century to see the total solution of the Jewish problem. Just how this solution will be achieved has been made known to the European nations and to entire non-Jewish humanity in a proclamation read out by the FŸhrer of the German people on the 24th February 1942:

Today the ideas of our Nationalsocialists and those of the Fascist revolution have conquered large and mighty nations and my prophecy will find its fulfillment, that in this war not the Aryan race will be destroyed, but the Jew will be exterminated. What ever else this struggle may lead to, or however long it may endure, this will be the final result.

(p. 29) Report of Streicher's address to 2,000 children at Nuernberg, Christmas 1936, from Fraenkische Tegeszeitung, 22nd December 1936:

Two thousand children rejoiced with Julius Streicher....

The Gauleiter [Streicher] told the little ones about the terrible times after the war, when the Devil dominated mankind. "Do you know who the Devil is," he asked his breathlessly listening audience. "The Jew, the Jew," resounded from a thousand children's voices.

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