Acc., Accession

ACC, Allied Control Council

AHC, Allied High Commission

AJC, American Jewish Congress

ASA, American Security Agency

Benelux, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

BEW, Board of Economic Warfare (U.S.)

BIS, Bank for International Settlements

CID, Criminal Investigation Division (USA)

CIG, Central Intelligence Group

Del, delegation

DP, displaced person

EUCOM, European Command (U.S.)

FEA, Foreign Economic Administration (U.S.)

ERP, European Recovery Program (Marshall Plan)

ETO, European Theater of Operations

EUR, Bureau of European Affairs, Department of State

FED, Foreign Exchange Depository

FFC, Foreign Funds Control, Treasury Department

GEPC, German External Property Commission

Ger, German, Germany

IARA, Inter-Allied Reparations Agency

IGCR, Intergovernmental Committee on Refugees

IRO, International Refugee Organization

JCS, Joint Chiefs of Staff

MEW, Ministry of Economic Warfare (U.K.)

MG 53, Military Government Law No. 53

NARA, National Archives and Records Administration

NATO, North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NSC, National Security Council (U.S.)

OE, Division of Economic Security Controls, Department of State

OFD, Office of Financial and Development Policy, Department of State

OMGUS, Office of Military Government of Germany (U.S.)

OSS, Office of Strategic Services

PCIRO, Preparatory Commission of International Refugee Organization

R&A, Research and Analysis Branch

RG, Record Group

SF, Swiss francs

SHAEF, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Forces

SI, Secret Intelligence Branch, Office of Strategic Services

SS, Schutzstaffel

SSU, Strategic Services Unit

TGC, Tripartite Commission for the Restitution of Monetary Gold

U.K., United Kingdom

UN, United Nations

USA, U.S. Army

USFET, United States Forces European Theater

V-E Day, Victory in Europe, May 7, 1945

WDSCA, War Department Chief of Staff Army

X-2, counter-intelligence branch, Office of Strategic Services

Source: The United States State Department
This document is in the public domain.

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