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Grade Levels: 6 through 12


Sunshine State Standards:

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Over a two-week period, students are to scan the newspaper for articles that deal with human rights issues and prejudices. They then paste their articles to a piece of oaktag, and on an index card, write a summary of the article, identifying the types of prejudices or issues they discovered in the article.

At the end of the two weeks, students may share their posters with the class. As a class, compare today's prejudices with those that initiated the Holocaust. How are the two worlds the same? How are they different? Why is prejudice and inequality ever present? Are there any solutions?


Search the Web for current human rights stories instead of using newspapers.


Evaluate students based on completion of assignment (number of related articles found) and their discussion, whether written or oral, describing how the article relates to the Holocaust. You may wish to develop a rubric specifying the criteria you will be assessing.


The Amnesty International site maintains a library of past news releases and offers an excellent page of links to related human rights Web sites.

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