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Owner's Rights

Often a Web site will state the terms and conditions for the use of copyrighted materials. The following activities require students to find this information on two different Web sites.

America's Story from America's Library

America's Story
America's Story from America's Library is from the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. and is designed for young people. At this Web site, information is provided about the site and who owns the copyright to the information. While there, you can find out about copyright information.

  1. Does the Library of Congress own the rights to everything in its collections?
  2. What type of information does the Library of Congress provide?
  3. If a researcher would like to use material from this site, whom must they contact to get permission?
  4. Where can a researcher find more information about U.S. Copyright law?

Explore the States
In the section of "America's Library" entitled Explore the States: Florida, click on the spyglass for enlargement of photo credit.

  1. "Saint Augustine, Fla. Bastions of Fort Marion", comes from what collection of photographs from the Library of Congress?
  2. Who owns the right to photo 1?
  3. Between what years was the photograph "Jacksonville, Fla. Signal tower" taken?

Singing Games
Visit the Mary Mack Singing Games section of "America's Library".

  1. The group of girls performing were from what high school?
  2. What was the date of the performance/recording?
  3. What is the name of the song?
  4. Can it be used for a class project?

Meet Amazing Americans
Visit the Frederick Douglas section of "America's Library".

  1. Click on "A Daring Escape." What is the copyright year of the 1845 cover of Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave?
  2. Who owns the rights to this image?
  3. Click on "Follow the North Star". What newspaper did Frederick Douglas publish?
  4. Where in the Library of Congress is this newspaper located?
  5. Click on "Recruiting for the Union Army". Who owns the rights to this picture and in what year was it copyrighted?

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has many beautiful photographs on their site. They also have a page on their site concerning the terms and conditions of use of these photos.

  1. Are you permitted to use images from this site in a school report that you are not publishing?
  2. Are you permitted to copy the images to a CD-ROM?
  3. Are you permitted to use images from this site on a personal web page that includes advertisements?
  4. Citations for images must include the author and source of the materials as you would from any printed work. What additional piece of information must also be included?

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