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The FCAT Fifth Grade Mathematics Staff Development Tool is a collaboration of the Pinellas County School District Department of Instructional Technology and the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, College of Education, at the University of South Florida. The project was funded by a Technology Literacy Challenge Fund grant.

For the School District of Pinellas County:

Judy Ambler, Supervisor of Instructional Technology

Suzie Davis, Secondary Mathematics Supervisor
Candace Frewin, Special Teacher on Assignment

Pinellas teachers who participated in this project:

Mary Lou Beasley
Barbara Colmenares
Sue Loucks
Barbara Rambow
Keila Victor

For the Florida Center for Instructional Technology:

Dr. Roy Winkelman, FCIT Director

Kimberly S. Kalaydjian, Project Manager

Robb Guido, Video Editor
Dr. Kate Kemker, Video Editor
Joseph Greaser, Videographer

Mike McNaughton, Videographer
Cory Porter, Videographer
Rich Tiemann, Videographer
Scott Sherrill, Videographer
Kelly Macolm, Videographer

Ralph Bishop, Videographer and Senior Graphic Artist
Beau Brake, Video Editor and Graphic Artist
Aaron Criswell, Graphic Artist

Kristin Arnold, Video Production Consultant
Dr. Denisse Thompson, Mathematics Content Consultant

Design/Development personnel of FCIT and graduate students who have also contributed to this project:

Dr. Jane Adamson
Candace Coryell
John Fitzpatrick
Sujie Man
Nefertiti Puplampu
Chutimon Ratanapeanchai
Dr. Valerie Wright

Studio Production Services provided by the School of Mass Communications, University of South Florida


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