Wayward Bears - Extended Response Samples

How are the two bear sightings alike and different? Explain your answer with details and information from the article.

To get a 4, a paper must include the following:

Related information from the article:



Brooksville Bear

Spring Hill Bear

Sample Responses

Score of 4 - This response shows a thorough understanding of the task. It is accurate and includes excellent support from the article.

The two bear sightings are alike because they're both black bears, both trying to establish their territory near people. They both were about 2 years old, and both crossed streets. The two bear sightings are different because: One bear was 100 pounds, the other was 258 pounds. The Brooksville bear was spotted late Thursday while the one that crossed US 19 was spotted on a Saturday. The Brooksville bear had police and fire fighters tracking and chasing after him, the other didn't. The Brooksville bear was tranquilized with a tranquilizer gun from Land O' Lakes, the other one seemed not a threat. The smaller bear was found in Spring Hill, the other was collared to a wildlife area.
Both bear sightings occurred in public near residential areas. Both were black bears looking for their own territory. The first bear, which weighed 258 lb., crossed State Road 50 and headed toward Tom Varn Park. The bear went through the park and into the Brooksville Quarry golf course. The bear was hit with a tranquilizer gun and fitted with a transmitter collar, after being surrounded near Luigi's Pizza on Broad Street. The second bear, which weighed 100 lb. was spotted crossing US 19 near a retirement community.

Score of 3 - This response shows a complete understanding of the task. It is accurate and fulfills all the requirements, but the support is not as complete as a "4" paper. Additional details from the article would improve this response.

The two bear sightings are alike because they both are black bears and they're both young bears on their own for the first time. These bears are different by, one bear that was spotted in Brooksville was 258 pounds, and the one in Spring Hill was just 100 pounds. The bigger bear had to be tranquilized and a collar was put on him, and was put in Chassahowitzka Wildlife Management Area. The small bear was near a retirement community.
These two bear sightings are alike these ways: They are black bears, they both were spotted in Florida, they were both spotted in the same weekend, and they both were found in residential areas. The ways in which these bear sightings are different are the following. One bear weighed 258 pounds, and the other one weighed 100 pounds. So therefore, they were very different in size. One of the bears was spotted in Brooksville and the other near Spring Hill.

Score of 2 - This response indicates a partial understanding of the task. It is essentially correct, but it needs more specific details from the article.

The bears have 2 things in common. They are both trying to find them some new territory so they won't "get beat up." The 2 bears are different in some ways. One of them weighs 258 lbs. and another weighs 100 lbs.
The two bear sightings are alike because, the black bear's wondered off into busy roadways because they can't find their own territory to live. The two bear sightings are different because on bear was 258 pounds, and the other was 100 pounds. They both were spotted on different roads, U.S. 19, and State Road 50.

Score of 1 - This response indicates a very limited understanding. It does not address all requirements of the task, and it needs more details from the article to explain each part of the question.

The two bear sightings are similar by the fact that the two bears were spotted in an area where most bears do not go to make their territory.
These two sightings are alike because they are only trying to find territory to call home so they won't get beat up. Mothers boot the cubs out at the age of 2.

Score of 0 - This response is not relevant to the question. The student failed to respond to the task. This is a confused response.

Both bears were spotted on U.S. 19 looking for the mother before they got beat up. Too many people feed bears pizza and that makes them tame in the parks.
They weren't really that different. I don't really think there should be bears in Florida because there are no real open areas without buildings are people. They should be in a place like Colorado or great falls Canada, some place where both the bears and humans can both be safe.

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