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Florida in 3D: Florida Stereoview


Florida in 3D: Florida Stereoviews

This section of Exploring Florida features 3D pictures that were originally made for the old Holmes style stereoviewer, which was popular in the late 19th and early 20th century. We have converted these old stereoview pictures into the red-and-blue format. If you have a pair of red-and-blue 3D glasses, put them on now and explore Florida in three dimensions.

Important: The stereoviews in this gallery were designed to be viewed with the red lens over the left eye and the blue over the right eye. If your glasses have the red lens over the right eye and the blue lens over the left eye, please click here.

Cities and Towns: Tampa, Jacksonville, Palatka, Magnolia, Hibernia, Tallahassee, and Palm Beach. (10 galleries; 162 stereoviews)

City of St. Augustine: See the entire town or get caught up in its historical town center, hotels, and sea wall. (7 galleries; 125 stereoviews)

Environment: Travel down rivers as if you were actually there, walk through forests, and take a look at Florida's wildlife. (12 galleries; 255 stereoviews)

Florida Way of Life: Florida natives, city streets, residential areas, beaches, camping, recreation, and leisure activities. (10 galleries; 170 stereoviews)

Industry and Agriculture: From Florida's world famous orange groves, to its lesser-known agricultural and industrial endeavors. (5 galleries; 125 stereoviews)

Landmarks: The homes of prominent Floridians, Green Cove Springs, the luscious natural setting of Fort George Island, and the lighthouses dotting the Florida coastline. (7 galleries; 90 stereoviews)

Military History: Fort San Marcos in St. Augustine, Camp Tampa, the U.S. Cavalry, Roosevelt's "Rough Riders," and the "Maine" wreck in Havana Harbor. (8 galleries; 130 stereoviews)

Transportation: Traveling Florida's rivers on steamboats or taking a ride on an ox-cart. (4 galleries; 77 stereoviews)



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