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Florida's Historic Attractions


  1. Students will be able to describe many of florida's attractions.
  2. Students will be able to explain how Florida's attractions relate to its history.

Sunshine State Standards Benchmarks:

SS.A.6.2.2 - SS.A.6.2.3 - SS.A.6.2.5


attractions preserve restored donated
massive inventors synthetic interior
agricultural astound    

Suggested Activities:

  1. Have the students complete a graphic organizer while reading the passage.
  2. Assign the students to cooperative work groups. Then have them research the historic attractions discussed in the passage. Each group will present their findings to the class.
  3. Have each student create a triarama depicting one of Florida's historic attractions. The students should also include a short written report detailing the information about their historic attraction.
  4. Have the students read Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings' book, The Yearling. Have the students pay close attention to the settings being described. Are they similar to where she lived when she wrote the book?
  5. Complete and review FCAT questions.
  6. (Note: Actual FCAT practice passages are wrtten at the students' independent reading level. These Florida History selections are written at the students' instructional reading level. Therefore, students should not be asked to complete the questions until after receiving class instruction on the vocabulary and content of the passage. Students should also read the Florida History selection independently before answering the FCAT questions and be permited to return to the selection for rereading as they answer.)

Home > Florida Then & Now > Supplemental Florida Reading Passages > Florida's Historic Attractions


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