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Zoomify Help

The Zoomify versions of maps allow you to zoom in on details and to pan around the image to examine different areas in detail using either the control bar, navigator window, or keyboard shortcuts.

How do I use the control bar?

Look for the control bar at the bottom of the Zoomified maps:

control bar

The controls on this bar allow you to zoom in and move around the map.

sliderDrag the SLIDER to the right to zoom in or to the left to zoom back out.
plusClick the PLUS to zoom in.
minusClick the MINUS to zoom out.
left arrowClick the LEFT ARRROW to move to the left.
up arrowClick the UP ARROW to move up.
down arrowClick the DOWN ARROW to move down.
right arrowClick the RIGHT ARROW to move to the right.
resetClick the RESET BUTTON to reload the original view.

How do I use the navigator window?

navigator viewOnce you have zoomed in on a map, the area you are viewing will appear as a red box in the navigator window. You can quickly move from one part of the map to another by dragging the red box around the navigator window.

How do I use keyboard shortcuts?

You can also zoom and move about the map using keyboard shortcuts. You may need to click once on the map before you can interact with it using the keyboard.

ZOOM INby pressing the SHIFT key.*
ZOOM OUTby pressing the COMMAND key on a Mac or
by pressing the CONTROL key in Windows.
MOVEby pressing any of the ARROW keys (up, down, left, or right).
RESETby pressing the ESCAPE key.

*Windows users may find that using the shift key five times in a row brings up a "StickyKeys" dialog box. Follow the instructions below to turn StickyKeys off.

1. Select Start > Control Panel.
Control panel location

2. Choose the Accessibility Options category.
Accessibility selection

3. Click on the Accessibility Options Control Panel icon.
Entering Accessibility option

4. Uncheck the box next to "Use StickyKeys" in the Keyboard tab and click on OK to save your changes.
Turning off StickyKeys

Note: If you have enabled the Classic View for the Control Panel, the Accessibiility Options applet should be the first one listed.
Control Panel Classic View

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