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Florida Highway Map Key

This key contains selected symbols used on Florida Highway Maps. The maps were produced over a number of years and there is some variation in the use of symbols from map to map. For example, on the older maps, a building shown in outline only indicates that the building was not in use when the map was drawn.

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Divided Highway Paved Road--High Type Bituminous Road--Medium and Low Type
Gravel or Stone Road Soil Surfaced Road Graded and Drained Road
Unimproved Road Primitive Road Impassable Road
Private Road Federal Aid Highway Federal Aid Primary Highway
Federal Aid Secondary Highway U.S. Numbered Highways State Highway
Bridge, Highway Drawbridge, Highway Highway Grade Separation
Railroad Railroad Station or Prepay Station Railroad Grade Crossing
Water Features:
Narrow Stream Wide Stream or Dam
Ferry("FF" Free Ferry "TF" Toll Ferry) Dock, Pier, or Landing Flood Control Spillway
Canal Drainage Ditch Levee or Dike with Road
Lake or Pond Intermittent Pond Yacht Basin
Marsh Swamp Land Land Exposed at Low Water
County Boundary Line Civil Township Boundary Land Section Line
State Survey Section Line Corporate Limits Indian Reservation (older maps)
Wildlife Management Area County Park Seminole Indian Reservation (newer maps)
County Seat Other City or Village Seminole Indian Village
or Dwelling or Rows or Groups of Dwellings Farm Unit
School Church Post Office
Townhall or Community Hall Tourist Court or Motel Hotel
Hospital Correctional Institution Fort
Seasonal Dwelling Tenant House Barracks, Dormitories, or Migrant Quarters
Business Business and Dwelling Citrus Packing House
Turpentine Still Saw Mill Stock Yard--Loading Pen or Corral
Dairy Mine Factory
Recreational Facilities:
Camp or Lodge Camp Site, Trailer Park Race Track
Picnic Ground Playground, Ball Field Monument
or Airport ("B" indicates housing facilities) Power Plant Radar Station
Forest Ranger Station or Fire Control Headquarters Game Checking Station State Road Department Camp
Radio or TV Control Tower Lookout Tower Cattle Guard
Pumping Station Gauging or Small Pumping Station Locked Gate or Fence
Cemetery Water Tank CCC Camp
Directional Arrow Triangulation Station with Name Location of Symbol

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