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Gallery: Jacksonville, I

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"Metropolitan skyline along Jacksonville waterfront."

"Hemming Park in heart of business section at Jacksonville."

"Jacksonville Beach, Jacksonville, Florida."

"Aerial view of city of Jacksonville, taken early part of the year 1928. A splendid view of the gateway city."

"Band Concert, Jacksonville"

"Downtown Jacksonville from the Air"

"Water front, foot of Main Street, Jacksonville"

"Hemming Park and Windsor Hotel"

"Palmetto Row - Main Street"

"Hotel Seminole"

"Hogan Street"

"New Y.M.C.A. Building"

"City Hall"

"Riverside park"

"Bay Street"

"First Baptist church"

" Public Library and First Presbyterian church"

"Forsyth Street"

"Windsor Hotel"

"Street view in old Jacksonville"

"Forsyth Street"

"Jacksonville's Down-town section and St. Johns river bridge."

"Jacksonville beach"

"Windsor Hotel from Hemming Park, Jacksonville, FLA."

"Hemming Park from Windsor Hotel, Jacksonville, FLA."

"Jacksonville Terminal, Jacksonville, FLA."

"Waterfront and Skyline, Jacksonville, FLA."

"Confederate Park"

"Union Terminal"

"St. Johns River Bridges"


Home > Photos > Cities > Jacksonville > Jacksonville, I
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