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Gallery: Palm Beach, IV

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Australian Pine Walk.

The Everglades Club.

Private yachts on Lake Worth.

Gardens at Royal Poinciana Hotel.

Casino at Breakers Hotel.

Royal Poinciana Hotel.

Lake Trail.

Royal Daneli Hotel.

Beach at casino.

Salt Air Hotel, West Palm Beach.

Lake Court Apartments, West Palm Beach.

Lake Drive showing Women's Club, West Palm Beach.

Band concert in City Park, West Palm Beach.

Palm Beach County Court House.

Miramar Inn, West Palm Beach.

Royal Park Bridge.

Aeroplane view of Gus' Baths.

Bathers watch as divers jump into a public pool.

The Breakers Casana Club.

Beach Casino.

Royal Poinciana Hotel.

The Breakers.

View of Palm Beach and Lake Worth from West Palm Beach.

Pool at Palm Beach.


Home > Photos > Cities > Palm Beach > Palm Beach, IV
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