Art Discussion Questions

  • Analyze the use of propaganda by the Nazis.

  • Compare German and American World War II poster art and the use of war propaganda.

  • Research the depiction of Jews in medieval European art.

  • Research the history of the swastika.

  • Evaluate the continuing role of the mass media and propaganda in Nazi Germany, including use of the "Big Lie" and the corruption of language.

  • Research Holocaust art produced by women. Can any contrasts be drawn when comparing Holocaust art produced by women with art produced by men?

  • Many Jewish families in Germany had roots in their towns and villages for generations. Research the contributions of German Jews to their country through visual art. To narrow your research, focus on a particular region or school of art.

  • Compare two or more different Holocaust memorials.

  • Explore the role of architecture in the Third Reich.

  • What was considered "degenerate art" by the Nazis? Discuss using examples.

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