Photos: Mittelbau-Dora, III

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Visitors to Mittelbau-Dora enter Tunnel A through a new entrance dug in 1988-95.
Visitors walk along elevated walkways through the partially flooded galleries.
The galleries are piled high with debris.
Many of the galleries had a second story built in them.
Remains of second story in a gallery.
The slave laborers lived in galleries 43-46. Four-tiered bunks reached to the ceiling. Six thousand men lived in these cramped, damp, dark quarters.
The V1 rocket was produced in Tunnel A. Over 7,500 V1s were produced here. Today parts of V1s litter the galleries.
V1 rocket parts.
V1 rocket parts.
V1 rocket parts.
A pile of rusting holders for the V1 magnetic gyro compass.
Rusting machinery.
V1 rocket engine.
V1 rocket engine.

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