Photos: 1936 Berlin Olympic Stadium

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Entrance to Olympic complex. The Berlin Games of 1936 were a huge Nazi showcase.
Detail of entrance.
Stadium exterior.
Stadium concourse.
Stadium interior. More swastikas bedecked the stadium than olympic flags.
Stadium interior. In this stadium, Jesse Owens disproved Nazi racial theory by winning four gold medals.
Distinguished visitor section of stadium. From this section, Hitler observed what he thought would be proof of Aryan physical superiority.
Stadium interior. No German Jews were allowed to participate on these fields.
Stadium interior.
Olympic torch. The Olympic flame was first used at the 1928 games in Amsterdam. In 1936, 3,000 runners carried the flame from Olympia across seven countries to Berlin.
1936 Plaque commemorating the Eleventh Olympic Games in Berlin, its committee heads, and medal winners.
Detail of Olympic winners plaque showing Jessie Owens as winner of the 100m and 200m dashes and the long jump.
Plaque commemorating Werner March, architect of the Berlin Olympic complex.
View of complex behind main stadium.
View of complex behind main stadium.
Towers on the Olympic grounds.
This bell from the 1936 Olympics has been dedicated as a memorial to the athletes who lost their lives during the War.
Photograph of a street sign in Berlin marking the 1936 Olympic plaza.
Street near the stadium now named in honor of Jesse Owens.
Olympic rings in front of the stadium.

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