Photos: Majdanek Death Camp

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A model of the Majdanek death camp.
A model of the Majdanek death camp.
The Majdanek camp was organized into six separate fields where the prisoners were housed. Within each field were rows of barracks.
Rows of barracks within the camp. The town of Lublin can be seen in the distance.
The perimeter of the camp had electrified barbed wire and guard towers.
Guard towers overlooking the camp. The perimter has two rows of electrified barbed wire.
A distant view of one of the fields.
One of the many guard towers at the camp.
Barbed wire fence. Each field, or section, at the camp was surrounded by barbed wire. Electricity ran through the wire. Guard towers were positioned around the perimeter.
Double row of barbed wire.
Double row of barbed wire.
Grave mounds.

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