Photos: Mauthausen Upper Camp

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The command headquarters.
Prison laborers were checked in and out daily here at the Jour House.
Entrance to the main camp. The Jour House is on the right.
View of the entrance gate from within the main camp.
Doorway in the entrance gate looking out toward the quarry.
Hut 1 accomodated the orderly rooms, the shoemaker's shop, and the brothel for the use of prison authorities.
Hut 6 housed kitchen personnel and has been reconstructed to give visitors an idea of what living conditions in the camp were like.
Hut 11 housed children and adolescents, so-called stone mason's apprentices, as well as Spaniards.
Wooden gates constructed for Ebensee sub-camp.
Back of former Sick Quarters.
Back of former Sick Quarters.
Section of Mauthausen camp wall.
Barbed wire.
Crematorium chimney.
Section of wall with barbed wire.
The camp jail.
The camp kitchen.
The camp laundry.
A window.

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