Photos: Third Reich Architecture in Munich

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The Führerbau (Leader's Building) was designed by architect Paul Ludwig Troost. It was here that Hitler met with Chamberlain, Mussolini, and Daladier on 29 September 1938.
Detail of portal on Arcisstraße.
Swastikas can be seen in the ceiling mosaic.
The Verwaltungsbau der NSDAP (Party Administration Building) is a twin to the Führerbau to which it was once connected by underground passageways. It was also designed by Troost.
The Party Aministration Building as seen from Briennerstraße.
Ruins of the Honor Temple in the South side of Briennerstraße. The two Honor Temples were built as burial places for the sixteen Nazis who were killed in the Beer Hall Putnch. SS guards, known as "the Eternal Watch," guarded the temples day and night.
Ruins of the Honor Temple in the North side of Briennerstraße.
Map of Königsplatz showing location of major buildings.
The Haus der Deutschen Kunst (House of German Art) was one of Hitler's first building projects. The Führer proclaimed that Munich was the "Capital City of German Art" at the cornerstone ceremony in 1933. The museum was designed by Paul Ludwig Troost who did not live to see the building's grand opening ceremony in 1937.
House of German Art detail.
House of German Art detail.
House of German Art detail.
House of German Art detail.
Swastika patterns are visible in the ceiling mosaics at the House of German Art.
The Nepture Fountain in Alter Botanicher Garten by Josef Wackerle (1880-1959). The Nazi ideal of a youth rises up from an otherwise Baroque sculptural group.

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