Photos: The Umschlagplatz

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This memorial marks the Umschlagplatz, the deportation site for residents of the Warsaw Ghetto.
The Umschlagplatz is located in Warsaw on Stawki Street.
The black band in the white wall suggests the pattern of a Jewish ritual prayer shawl.
Over the entrance rests a tombstone-shaped lintel. In Jewish symbolism a broken tree symbolizes death. Here a forest of broken trees represent the death of an entire community.
Inside the memorial, 400 first names representing the victims are engraved on a wall.
The memorial is designed as an area for teaching or contemplation.
A tree (a symbol of hope) is framed in the narrow opening of the rear wall.
Four plaques (in Polish, Yiddish, Hebrew, and English) proclaim:
Along this path of suffering and death over 300,000 Jews were driven in 1942-1943 from the Warsaw Ghetto to the gas chambers of the Nazi extermination camps.

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