Other Archival Photographs

The visuals in this section have been grouped into 12 galleries. Click on the sample thumbnail photo to view all of the images in any gallery.
Nazi Leaders. Photographs of Hitler, Himmler, Streicher, Goering, Hess, and others. (20 photographs)
The Nazification of Germany, 1933-39. The Nazification of Germany shown through photographs of Hitler, Streicher, parades, boycotts, and book burnings. (15 photographs)
The 1936 Berlin Olympics. Views of a Berlin street, the arrival of the US team, and German citizens saluting Hitler at the Olympic Stadium. (4 photographs)
Kristallnacht and Synagogue Desecration. Photographs of damage to Jewish synagogues and businesses in Germany during Kristallnacht. Also includes other views of destroyed or desecrated synagogues in Poland. (13 photographs)
The Invasion of Poland, 1939. Images of the Nazi invasion and occupation of Poland. (12 photographs)
The Segregation of Polish Jews. Photographs showing how the Nazis segregated the Jews living in occupied Poland. (8 photographs)
Resistance. Group pictures of resistance units operating in the forests of Poland, the Kovno ghetto, and the Sobibór death camp. Also includes photos of Dr. Janusz Korzak, Ala Gertner, and a Partisan radio operator in the Ukraine. (11 photographs)
The Nuremberg Trials. Photographs of Prosecutor Robert Jackson, Allied judges, and the Nazi defendants. (11 photographs)
Other Trials. Courtroom photographs of the trials of former camp personnel from Dachau, Bergen-Belson, Buchenwald, and Mittelbau-Dora.(10 photographs)
Displaced Persons. Photographs of activities at displaced persons' camps following the War. (26 photographs)
Aftermath. Photographs of Nazi plunder and of the treatment of collaborators after the War. (10 photographs)
Birth of Israel. Photographs related to Jewish efforts to immigrate to Palestine. (8 photographs)
Kurt Lenkway's passport. Scans of the passport mentioned in Kurt Lenkway's story. (13 photographs)

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