The Lily Cupboardby Shulamith Ley Oppenheim

Grade Levels:3-5

Objectives: Students should be able to:

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Story Summary:

Miriam, a young Jewish child is sent away by her parents to live with a Gentile family in the country. She must hide in the family's cupboard when the Nazis come looking for Jews. The simple story is accompanied by warm, colorful illustrations and a strong text.

Concept Summary:

This story explores actions and feelings of people involved in a terrible time in history. Heroism and goodness are demonstrated by the family that hides and cares for Miriam. The story gives authenticity not only to the harsh physical dangers, but also to the candid characterizations, and the honesty about how fear made people act. When the Nazis invade Holland, Miriam's parents send her to the country to be hidden. Miriam becomes friends with their son Nello and together they take care of a rabbit. During the time they spend together, they try to understand what war is all about. Seen through the eyes of young children, this book will help children identify with suffering and heroism of this period of history.

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