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Bebelplatz. The Nazis burned books on this plaza.
A memorial below ground level marks the book burning that occurred there.
Bebelplatz memorial.
Bebelplatz memorial.
Bebelplatz memorial.
Bebelplatz memorial.
The memorial is a library with empty shelves.
A nearby plaque reads: In der mitte dieses Platzes verbrannten am 10. Mai 1933 Nationalsozialistiche Studenten die Werke hunderter freier Schriftsteller, Publizisten, Philosophen und Wissenschaftler. (In the center of this square on the tenth of May, 1933, National Socialist students burned the works of hundreds of free authors, publishers, philosophers, and scientists.)
Another plaque bears the 1820 quotation from Heinrich Heine: Das war ein Vorspiel nur, dort wo Man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt Man am Ende auch Menschen. (That was merely a prelude. Wherever they burn books, eventually they will burn people too.)
A university book market across the street from Bebelplatz.

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