Attach the audio or video content to a blog posting. You'll create a new post and add a link to your audio or video file in the body.  The link is a standard HTML link.  Below is an example of what you would enter in the body of your blog post:

This is <a href="mypodcast.mp3">my first podcast</a> on the USF blog.

Note:  If you are using the USF blog, you must include an absolute address.  Instead of the "mypodcast.mp3" address shown above, we would have to enter it as "" for it to be valid.

The USF blog  automatically generates a feed for you.  The feed address is in the format, where NetID is the user name you use to log into Blackboard and other USF sites.  

Once you've done all of that, you are podcasting.   Anyone can subscribe to your podcast by opening up iTunes and selecting Advanced, Subscribe to Podcast and entering the address of your feed.

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