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Richards, J., Morris, B., and Schwartz, K. (2004). Learning to use laptop computers in cohort education classes: Preservice teachers' concerns and accomplishments. The Reading Professor, Fall 2004, 112-141.

Presented at the College Teaching and Learning Conference, Orlando, FL (February, 2004). Winner of the conference's Excellence in Research Award


On the cutting edge of teaching technology, the University of South Florida is the first university in the state to receive laptop computers in a partnership with Macintosh. Twenty-five preservice teachers in cohort education classes learned to use the computers in their university classes, and in their internship work in elementary schools. One of the goals of this two-year project is to develop preservice teachersí abilities to use computers for all aspects of teaching, including building on-line portfolios, writing lesson plans, creating slide shows, and movies, and assessing and recording studentsí progress. Equally important, a second goal is to help preservice teachers learn how to use computer technology to enhance their future elementary studentsí reading and writing abilities. In this qualitative study, we investigated the preservice teachersí concerns and accomplishments as they learned to use the laptop computers in the first semester of the project.

Contact: Janet Richards



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