Technology Integration Matrix

Mathematics Specific Resources

Active Entry Cell


This activity shows how technology can be used for K-2 students to practice math concepts. Students in the lesson practice addition and subtraction facts to increase their speed and accuracy. They monitor their own learning while becoming competent in using the keyboard.

Active Adaptation Cell

Fractions/Grids/Perimeter/Area/Scale Drawings

Elementary students in this activity use grid paper to design a view of a luxury hotel using AppleWorks or Microsoft Word and Excel. Students will understand that fractions are parts of a whole. By solving real-world problems, students will have concrete symbolic representations of fractions.

Fact Families

First grade students use KidPix software to better understand fact families. They develop fact families independently and solve simple addition and multiplication problems.

Constructive Adaptation Cell


K-2 students use AppleWorks technology to extend, generalize, recognize, and write a variety of patterns.

Constructive Infusion Cell

Cross-curricular Activity With Science. Scale Drawings/Budgets

Technology is used to study rockets in a middle school classroom. Students develop rocket building companies and then design, draw to scale, and build a bottle rocket within a specified budget. Technology is used to simulate and evaluate the rocket’s flight. Students then launch their rockets and discuss cost analysis of each group’s project.

Authentic Entry Cell

Textbook Site

In this 3-5 classroom, technology provided by the textbook publisher is used to practice mathematics skills. Students watch tutorials and practice concepts based on individual readiness.

Authentic Adoption Cell

Cross-curricular Activity With Science. Data Collection and Analysis/Graphing

Students in this middle school class use technology to learn about acids and bases. They use math skills to evaluate cost effectiveness of one form of antacid over another.

Authentic Adaptation Cell

Cross-curricular Activity With Science. Graphs/Tables

Technology is used in a middle school class to investigate ways to diffuse or redirect hurricanes before they become destructive.

Authentic Infusion Cell

Cross-curricular Activity With Marketing: Tables/Graphs

High school students use technology to complete market research projects. Students analyze data and draw conclusions. They use critical thinking skills to take a concept from an idea and make it real.

Authentic Transformation Cell:

Cross-curricular Activity With Science, Technology, and Social Studies


Project based learning technology is used by high school students to understand different ways to represent numbers in the real world and use their measurements to achieve precision and accuracy.

Goal Directed Entry Cell


Students in grades 3 – 5 use technology to practice adding and subtracting fractions.

Goal Directed Transformation Cell


Students write detailed scripts describing procedures for working with fractions and decimals. Then they produce podcasts showcasing their work. The students in the video are in fifth grade, but this activity could be used at any level.

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