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Daily Dilemma #1: Activity
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  1. Mr. Brown earns $12.95 per hour working for the city of Clearwater. He works a 7-hour day. How much does Mr. Brown earn per day?
Work: Answer:_________________



  1. Leif Ericson had a map where he wants to put the points for the places where he might find nice strong trees for lumber. Help him make his map by placing the points and labels on the grid. The first one is done for you.

A = (3,5)
B = (6,4)
C = (1,4)
D = (0,0)
E = (5,5)
F = (7,2)



  1. Marin had a paper with stickers on it. The paper got stuck in her notebook when she tried to pull it out. How many stickers were on the paper before it got torn?
Work: Answer:_________________
Explain how you found your answer below.






  1. Ronnie has 27 shoes in his closet. There are 13 regular shoes, and the rest are sneakers. How many complete pairs of regular shoes and sneakers does Ronnie have?
Work: Answer:_________________





A building with one
block for a hallway.
A building with two blocks for a hallway. A building with three blocks for a hallway.


Cubes for hallway
Cubes in all

What is the rule? Why?


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