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Daily Dilemma #13: Activity


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  1. George Washington used a chart to compare the distances from his camp in Valley Forge to the farms nearby where he could get food for his starving men. (5 pts.)

Distances to the Nearest Farms

Which farm is the closest to his camp? (1pt.)  ____________________
Which two farms ar the same distance away? (2 pts) __________________________


  Completely explain what you did to compare the distances of the farms. (2 pts.)



  1. When American soldiers crossed the Delaware River, there were 36 in both the first and second boats, 29 in the third boat, and 35 in both the fourth and fifth boats. How many men crossed the Delaware River in the first five boats? (2 pts.)

Work: Answer:_________________




  1. Benedict Arnold couldn't stop pacing during the Battle of Saratoga. He wanted to fight instead of wait at headquarters with General Gates. While he was pacing, he reached into a bag to have a snack while he walked off his nervous energy. The bag contained 8 walnuts, 3 cashews, and 5 peanuts. What was the probability of him getting a peanut when he reached into the bag? (1 pt.)




  1. The men in the Continental Army built small cabins when they were wintering at Valley Forge. The length of each floor was about 16 ft., and the width was about 14 ft. If the men could find enough animal skins to cover the floor to keep their cabins warmer, how many square feet of animal skins would each cabin need? (2 pts.)

Work: Answer_________________




  1. After the Battle of Trenton, the soldiers found a large number of American items that the Hessians had taken for their own. They put the items into a wagon so the people of Trenton could claim their things. One of the items was a chair. When the owner of the chair picked it up it looked like this:


Unfortunately he dropped it. When it dropped, it rotated 90 degrees clockwise and flipped to the right. Draw the chair after it rotated 90 degrees clockwise. (1 pt.)

Which picture shows the chair after it was rotated and flipped? (1 pt.)



Extra Credit:

General Burgoyne wanted to know the age of the bear that was with his army when he surrendered to General Gates at Saratoga. The owner of the bear told him that if he added 6 to the age of the bear and tripled it, the bear would be 33 years old. How old was the bear? (2 pts.)

Work: Answer_________________

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