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Daily Dilemma #14: Activity


Name_________________ Date_________________


  1. Catherine, Annette, Kim, and Alyssa each wanted an equal portion of the birthday cake. Which picture represents the cake already divided so that each girl would get an equal number of pieces? (2 pts.)




  Explain how you solved this problem.




  1. Mrs. Davis wanted to rent an SUV for 1 week to drive a total of 230 km. What was the total cost of renting the SUV? (2 pts.)



Bill's Auto Rental
$30.00 per day All Vehicles
$0.14/km Sedan
$0.16/km Van
$0.22/km SUV





  1. Kyle, Chris, and Blayne bought an old bicycle for $12.00. To repair the bicycle, they purchased a new tire for $ 6.33, a new chain for $2.46, and a can of spray paint for $4.50. They then sold the bicycle for $38.10 and shared the profit equally, how much did each of the boys make? (2 pts.)
Work: Answer_________________



  1. One lovely spring day a group of boy scouts decided to meet at the school to go to the fair. At 8:00 A.M. Graham was standing on the school's front steps. At 8:01, five boys were on the steps, at 8:02, there were 9 boys, and at 8:03, there were 13 boys. They decided to head out to the fair at exactly 8:10. If the pattern is followed, how many boy scouts leave for the fair at 8:10?(2 pts.)

Work: Answer_________________



        Extra credit: (1pt.) What's the rule?


  1. Chelsea was eating a bowl of Campbell's Alphabet Soup. Unfortunately, she got distracted, her spoon missed her mouth, and the soup spilled. The J flipped to the right halfway to the table.

Draw the J after it flipped. (1 pt.)

It then continued to fall and rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise.

Now draw the J after it rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise. (1 pt.)


Extra Credit: The length of Tim's bedroom is 13' the width is 15'. If Tim wants to carpet his bedroom, how many square feet of carpet does Tim need to buy? (1 pt.)





If Tim wants to put a border around the top of the walls next to the ceiling, how much border should he buy? (1 pt.)




          The magic numbers are: 306.87 w/o extra credit, 557.87 w/ extra credit

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