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Daily Dilemma #15: Activity


Name_________________ Date_________________



  1. Mrs. Woolley rented a van for 2 weeks for her trip on the old Oregon Trail. She drove 1256 miles on the trip. What was the total cost for the rental of the van? (2 pts.)

Bill Bob's Rental Agency
   $12.00 per Day       All Vehicles   
   $.15 per mile       Sedan   
   $.10 per mile       SUV   
   $.12 per mile       Van   
   $.14 per mile       Station Wagon   


  1. Early one morning, a pioneer decided to form his own wagon train. On the second morning there were 6 pioneers. On the 3rd morning, there were 11 pioneers, and on the 4th morning there were 16 pioneers. How many pioneers were in the wagon train on the 12th morning? (opts.)


         Extra credit. What's the rule? (apt.)

  1. One of the pioneers used a chart to compare the lengths of the different tools that he used. (6 pts.)
lengths in cm






    1. Which tool is the longest? ________________________
    2. Which tool is the shortest?_________________________
    3. Which two tools have the same length?_____________ ______________
    4. What did you have to do to compare the length of the tools? _______________


  1. Ryan, a pioneer who has settled in Hacker's Valley, has decided to put trim around the floor of the new bedroom that he has built. He used his tools to build 34 ft. of trim for the floor. Look at this picture of Ryan's floor. (3 pts.)


10 ft.




7 ft.

Does Ryan need more trim, does he have just enough trim, or does he have too much trim to go around the entire floor? ___________________________________

How much more does he have to make, or how much extra does he have? _______________________



  1. Four pioneer children decided to race down the hill when their families stopped for their noon meal. The following chart shows how long it took each child to complete the race. (2 pts.)
5.6 minutes
6.5 minutes
5 5/10 minutes
5.06 minutes

Which child took the longest to finish the race?______________________

Which child came in third?______________________

Extra 2 pts: The pioneers saw the Native American warriors gallop toward their wagon train and they were afraid the they were going to lose their chickens to the hungry Indians. They decided to hide half their chickens in the Hernandez wagon. Then they took the remaining half and placed an equal number of chickens in the Morris wagon, the Jones wagon, the Baker wagon, the Brown wagon, and the Welch wagon. There were 5 chickens hidden in the Welch wagon. How many chickens were hidden altogether?

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