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Daily Dilemma #2: Activity


Name_________________ Date_________________


  1. Genna, Anna, Lesleyanne, and Alexis enjoy Italian food. They like spaghetti, lasagna, ravioli, and shrimp scampi. Anna loves seafood. Lesleyanne doesn't like ravioli. If Alexis likes lasagna, what does each girl like to eat? Fill in the chart and highlight the yes answers if each girl only eats one food and every food is eaten by one person. (4 pts.)

  Spaghetti Ravioli Lasagna Shrimp Scampi



  1. At the Spring Fling there are 5 bags of popcorn sold for every 6 pieces of pizza sold. At this rate, how many bags of popcorn will be sold when 72 pieces of pizza are sold? (3 pts.)


      Explain how the amount of popcorn sold changes when the pizza is sold.



  1. Sandy was playing a game with 4 numeral cubes. She rolled the numerals 4,8,9, and 2. She used the cubes to make the greatest number and the least number. (2 pts.)

     Which number is the greatest?_________________

     Which number is the least?_________________


  1. Bryan's family likes to ski. He is in charge of the gloves that his family needs. He has 19 gloves in his box of gloves. There are 7 knitted gloves and the rest are leather gloves. How many PAIRS of knitted gloves and how many PAIRS of leather gloves does Bryan's family have? (3 pts.)

Work: Answer:_________________




  1. This is a modern statue found in a museum in New York City. Fill in the function table. Also, write the rule and the reason for the rule. (5 pts)
The statue with 2 spheres in the tower has 6 spheres in all. The statue with 4 spheres in the tower has 8 spheres in all. The statue with 6 spheres in the tower has 10 spheres in all.


Spheres in the Tower
Spheres in all


What is the rule?__________________________________________ Why?________________________________________________


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