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Daily Dilemma #8: Activity


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  1. In the Pilgrim village, a game is played called "Hit the Tree." Two teams play this game. A team can score 8 points for hitting a branch of a tree or ten points for hitting a knot in the trunk. If each team hits the branch of a tree 4 times, and then one team hits the knot in the trunk twice while the other hits the knot in the trunk 3 times, what is the total number of points scored in the game? (2 pts.)

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  1. Which of these is a complete list of the factors of 48? (3 pts.)      

       List all the factors of 30


        If the numbers of the houses on Cody's street are factors of 42, what are the numbers of the houses?






  1. Roger William's family is fencing in their rectangular garden so that the animals won't eat their vegetables. The garden is 8 m wide and 22 m long. They already have 51 meters of fencing. How much will the additional fencing cost if they have to pay $3.45 per meter? (3 pts.)

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  1. Michelle, a little girl who lives in the colony of New Hampshire, has a beautiful doll made from corn husks. The total length of the doll is 42 cm. If she takes off the legs of the doll, the rest of the doll is 28 cm. If she takes off the torso (center section) of the doll, the head is 12 cm. What is the length of each section of the doll? (5 pts.)

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  1. (6 pts.)

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