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  • Allmath Kid Friendly Advertisements or Commercial
    Allmath focuses on math that we will use for the rest of our lives by providing loads of pages of fun math sites. Did you know that magic squares have been a fascinating topic in mathematics for centuries? How about online flashcards? Allmath also provides an online glossary of math terms, printable multiplication tables and metric converters, just to name a few.

  • Ask Dr. Math Kid Friendly
    There's always a doctor on call to attend to math emergencies at Ask Dr. Math. Email these doctors your questions and they'll respond with helpful hints and creative suggestions for solving math stumpers. Read answers already online, or submit new queries. Remember, the Math Doctors are in.

  • Ask Jeeves for Kids Kid Friendly Advertisements or Commercial
    Ask Jeeves for Kids(tm) is the fastest and easiest way to find answers to questions. Ask Jeeves for Kids allows you to ask a question in plain English and, after interacting with you to confirm the question, Ask Jeeves for Kids takes you to one and only one web site that answers your question.]

  • Big Chalk Advertisements or Commercial
    Bigchalk harnesses the power of online content to create engaging learning environments that promote student achievement. Choose a subject and a grade level (elementary, middle, or "High school and beyond"), then drill down to get more specific, and you'll get links to pertinent, well-chosen Web sites for further research. You'll find better content much faster than if you were using a general-purpose search engine.

  • Can you balance? Advertisements or Commercial
    Online activity which allows children to practice balancing blocks.

  • CoolMath Ads or Commercial
    Explore this amusement park of mathematics! Have fun with interactive activities and games like Lemonade Stand and Arithmattack. There's even stuff for parents and teachers too.

  • The Counting Story Ads or Commercial
    Web site developed to teach younger children how to count.

  • Count Us In Kid Friendly
    Games designed to help children understand basic number concepts.

  • Dositey Ads or Commercial Ads or Commercial offers a dynamic collection of interactive educational modules and printable worksheets for grades K-8. Free interactive lessons, exercises and worksheets, educational games, open-ended questions in Math and Language Arts, and more. Lessons, exercises, games, and other learning activities on the site are specially designed to be fun and easy to use.

  • Elementary School Student Center
    List of lots of links for elementary school math students. Students, parents and educators will find links to math resources, including software, online Internet activities, brain teasers, puzzles and a link to the Internet Mathematics Library.

  • The Explorer
    The Explorer is collection of educational resources, instructional software, lab activities, lesson plans, and student created materials for K-12 mathematics and science education.

  • Family Education Network Ads or Commercial
    Find heaps of math activities, games, and downloads to keep your child busy. Site provides K - 6 grade activities, printable math worksheets and activities for students and parent learning and fun!

  • Frank Potter's Science Gyms Ads or Commercial
    Collection of mathematics links arranged by grade level.

  • FunBrain Kid Friendly Ads or Commercial
    Trying to tear your kid away from TV and video games? Get help at Funbrain, which features interactive flash-card-like games that you can pick by age, grade level, or subject. They aren't as fun as The Legend of Zelda, of course, but they'll keep kids' skill sets sharp.

  • Funschool: Fishing for Numbers Ads or Commercial
    Drag numbered fishing lines to the corresponding number of fish.

  • Harcourt Multimedia Math Glossary Kid Friendly
    This interactive math glossary provides a searchable database of math terms by grade level. Students in grades one through eight can search the glossary for math definitions accompanied by illustrations and, where appropriate, animated examples.

  • Interactive Math Tutor Ads or Commercial provides math tutoring services to all ages of individuals in all levels of math. Interactive Tutor strives to provide tutoring services customized to the needs of the individual students. Students may choose online tutoring, homework assistance, worksheets, telephone and e-mail assistance for all mathematical subjects from early education through adult education.

  • Jayzeebear: Let's Count! Ads or Commercial
    Interactive game that allows kids to click on the numbers to count the animals.

  • Juice Bottle Jingles
    Play tunes such as "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" by matching the numbers.

  • Kidport Ads or Commercial
    Provides math activities for all grades K-8. Simply choose a grade level, subject, and activity.

  • Kids Click!!
    KidsClick! was created by a group of librarians at the Ramapo Catskill Library System, as a logical step in addressing concerns about the role of public libraries in guiding their young users to valuable and age appropriate web sites. Click onto Kids Click math website and students, teachers and parents will find many interesting sites which provide lesson plans, worksheets, math lessons and games for students K - 8.

  • Kids Domain - Math Builders Kid Friendly Advertisements or Commercial
    Learning is fun, especially when you're playing Counting on a Cloud. With pictures, numbers, and sounds, this game will quickly teach you your 1, 2, 3s! In no time at all, you'll be counting like the big kids you know! Kids Domain has lots of fun games, worksheets and online activities for the little ones!

  • The Learning Page Advertisements or Commercial
    Learning Page is a huge collection of professionally produced instructional material for you to download and print. Lesson plans, books, worksheets and much more can be found on the site.

  • The Learning Site Kid Friendly Ads or Commercial
    Harcourt Math and Activities Resource Center provides a wealth of resources designed to bring math concepts to elementary students, teachers and parents. Peruse many online activities and math models for students up to sixth grade. An online animated glossary is a great reference for math terms and definitions.

  • Math Central
    Math Central is a service for people involved in mathematics education from kindergarten to grade twelve. Math Central provides a meeting place for teachers to share resources, a service to teachers, students and parents who may need an answer to a mathematical question and a facility to allow teachers to share information with other teachers.

  • Math Playground
    A mathematics learning site for students K-6. Features a large collection of word problems, math games, and logic puzzles.

  • Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies Ads or Commercial
    Math Goodies is a free math help site featuring interactive lessons, homework help, worksheets and forums! Math Goodies has over 400 pages of activities for students, teachers and parents.

  • Online Conversion Advertisements or Commercial
    Find calculators that will perform conversions between almost every measurement type imaginable, from science to cooking to math.

  • Online Flash Cards for Kids Kid Friendly Advertisements or Commercial
    Online flash cards in areas of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Online games include Math Square and using money.

  • Primary Games for Math Kid Friendly Advertisements or Commercial
    Play games designed by a teacher to learn about the ABC's, numbers, holidays, and more! Have fun teaching children how to tell time. Read ebooks, send postcards, or print coloring pages, stationery, and certificates!

  • Primary Games: One Little Ball Kid Friendly Advertisements or Commercial
    Online activity that teaches kids how to count.

  • RHL School Advertisements or Commercial
    This site offer resources to get an enormous supply of free quality worksheets for teaching, reinforcement and review. Many of these worksheets can also serve as the basis for lessons.

  • Superkids Math Worksheet Creator Advertisements or Commercial
    Have you ever wondered where to find math drill worksheets? Make your own here at SuperKids for free! Simply select the type of problem, the maximum and minimum numbers to be used in the problems, then click on the button! A worksheet will be created to your specifications, ready to be printed for use.

  • Teach R Kids Math Kid Friendly Advertisements or Commercial
    Teach R Kids Math has been designed by children and adults. Teach R Kids Math understands and addresses the math difficulties faced by children at the elementary school level. The combination of online Web-based and offline worksheets aims at achieving excellence and a thorough understanding of math fundamentals. online activities and printable worksheets in many K - 5 math topics are available.


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