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Why MathVIDS Was Developed/Underlying Assumptions

A number of factors have led to the development of MathVIDS. The factors listed below represent the foundation for why MathVIDS was developed: 1. There are a significant number of students who are experiencing difficulty learning critical mathematics concepts and skills as measured by various standardized assessment instruments. 2. Students who have difficulty learning mathematics can benefit from research-supported mathematics instructional practices for students who have learning problems and who are "at-risk" for math failure. 3. A significant number of teachers who are working with these students need assistance in learning and acquiring these research-supported strategies. 4. A CD-ROM/website interactive program, that incorporates text, digital pictures, audio, and digital video of teachers implementing effective instructional strategies, is an effective way to provide assistance to teachers. 5. An interactive online professional development resource provides individual teachers, teacher teams, schools, and school districts flexibility in accessing information and strategies specific to the needs of their students and their teachers.