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The Division Process: Division with Remainders: Concrete Level

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Phase 1

Initial Acquisition of Skill

Phase 2

Practice Strategies

Phase 3


Phase 4


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PHASE 4: Maintenance

Purpose: to provide students with opportunities to maintain their level of mastery of division using concrete materials.

Problem of the Day


Teacher –

  • A written prompt on the chalkboard, dry-erase board, or overhead projector (e.g. a division problem) or a concrete example of some part of the division process (e.g. solution to a division problem that includes a remainder).

Students -

  • Concrete materials if appropriate
  • Paper and pencil to record their responses if appropriate


Teacher presents a “problem of the day” that focuses on a particular skill or conceptual understanding of the division process (e.g. remainders). The problem can be written in nature or be represented with concrete materials. The “problem of the day” is displayed as students enter the room or as the period begins. Students are asked to “solve” the problem and provided necessary directions. After an appropriate amount of time, the teacher and the students “talk through” the problem and its solution. Students can individually describe how they approached the problem. Specific positive verbal reinforcement is provided by the teacher as well as specific feedback regarding misunderstandings students may have. Teacher notes students who seem to be having difficulty for the purpose of reviewing/re-modeling appropriate skills and concepts.


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