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About the MathVIDS Instructional Strategies

Research Support

The instructional strategies included in MathVIDS represent practices that have strong research support from several literature bases including: 1) effective general teaching practices for students identified with learning problems (e.g., mild/moderate disabilities) and students "at-risk" of academic failure; 2) effective mathematics instruction for students with and without learning problems (e.g., Allinder, Bolling, Oats, & Gagnon, 2000; Baroody, 1987; Baxter, Woodward & Olson, 2005; Black & Williams, 1998; Bley & Thornton, 1995; Borkowski, 1992; Bottge, Heinrichs, Metha, & Hung, 2002; Brophy & Good, 1986; Burns, 1996; Calhoun & Fuchs, 2003; Carpenter, Fennema, Franke, Levi, & Empson, 1999; Cawley, 2002; Chard & Gersten, 1999; Friend & Bursuck, 1996; Harris & Graham, 1996; Kennedy & Tipps, 1997; Kroesberger & van Luit, 2003; Lock, 1996; Mercer, Jordan, & Miller, 1996; Mercer, Lane, Jordan, Allsopp & Eisele, 1996; Mercer & Mercer, 1997; Miller & Mercer, 1997; Paris & Winograd, 1990; Silbert, Stein, & Carnine, 1997; Swanson, 1999; Rivera, 1996; Van de Wall, 2005; Vaughn, Gersten, & Chard, 2000; Wood, 1992).

The MathVIDS instructional strategies also were reviewed by a state (Virginia) advisory panel of elementary and special education teachers, mathematics curriculum specialists, and special education curriculum specialists.

Each instructional strategy description includes citations for relevant research support. A complete list of references is available under "Videos & Resources.

Instructional Strategy Descriptions

Each instructional strategy description is supported by multimedia including text, audio, digital images, and video. Each instructional strategy page is organized similarly emphasizing the strategy's purpose, its important instructional features, how to implement it, and how it addresses the learning needs of struggling learners.

Finding Instructional Strategy Descriptions

The MathVIDS strategies can be found by clicking "Instructional Strategies" on the top horizontal menu. Each instructional strategy can be accessed in several ways:

First, they can be accessed by a list organized into three categories: Teacher Instruction, Student Practice, and Evaluation.

Second, they can be accessed according to how strategies impact student learning (Facilitating Meaningful Student Connections, Building Student Understanding, Learning From A Model, Promoting Student Independence, & Ensuring Student Mastery).

Third, they can be accessed from a complete alphabetical list of strategies.

Choose the format that is easiest and most meaningful to you!

How Do I Decide Which Instructional Strategies to Implement?

Visit this webpage for more suggestions and tips on implementing the MathVIDS! Instructional Strategies.