Evaluation Tools

The TIM system includes a variety of different data collection tools, both quantitative and qualitative, designed to inform decision-making and alignment of resources at the classroom, school, and district levels. These tools include:


1) Technology Uses and Perceptions Survey (TUPS)

Gathering data to support decision-making

This online survey provides essential information about the current teacher use and perceptions of technology. The results can be used to collect baseline data for special initiatives, inform technology purchase decisions, identify professional development needs, and facilitate coaching in the use of instructional technology. The TUPS looks at what teachers believe....[more]


2) The Technology Integration Matrix Observation Tool (TIM-O)

Documenting the pedagogical dimensions of classroom technology use

The TIM-O is a flexible tool for classroom walkthroughs that can be used for formative feedback, peer coaching, grant evaluation, or professional development planning. The TIM-O is a web-based system that works on any device and requires no software installation. It's designed to guide principals, teachers, and others through the process of evaluating....[more].


3) Action Research for Technology Integration (ARTI)

Pushing the frontiers of great teaching with technology

As teachers increase integration of technology in their classrooms, they begin to take more responsibility for ensuring its effective use with students. The ARTI tool provides a framework for teachers to design and conduct their own action research projects. ARTI takes teachers through the five basic steps of an action research projects. ARTI guides....[more]

Admin Center

TIM Administrative Center

Managing three instruments from a single interface

An Admin Center for people who have no time for manuals. The processes for uploading schools and members, assigning administrators and observers, viewing summary usage reports and other common tasks are all explained within the Center. Most importantly, the Admin Center is where you will access your TIM Tools data. Pasting the raw data into....[more]

Getting Started with TIM Tools

The TIM Tools provide data to help answer questions about classroom technology use. They don't tell you what your goals should be because, when it comes to technology in education, one size definitely does not fit all. Instead, these tools help you identify the needs of your educational community, they provide data that you can use to differentiate professional development for teachers, and they help you measure change over time. In addition, the tools can support self-reflection, coaching, and can provide evaluation data for grants and other initiatives.

TIM Tools - Annual Subscription Rates

An annual TIM Tools subscription includes the TUPS, TIM-O, and ARTI, as well as an administrative center to manage all three evaluation instruments. Subscriptions run 12 months from date of purchase. The school version is limited to a single school. The district version manages as many individual schools as needed. We accept school or district purchase orders and are happy to provide a written quote if your institution requires it.

Once paid in full, the school/district is granted a non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, limited license to TIM Tools, which expires annually on the original order date, for use by the school/district's employees.

Please email your licensing requests to TIM@fcit.us.

School Version
Teachers Price
1–50 $500
51–100 $700
101–200 $800
201–300 $900
301–400 $1,040
401–500 $1,250
501–600 $1,440
601–700 $1,610
701–800 $1,760
801–900 $1,890
901–1000 $2,000
District Version
Teachers Price
1–500 $1,500
501–1000 $2,000
1001–2000 $3,600
2001–3000 $5,100
3001–4000 $6,400
4001–5000 $7,500
5001–6000 $8,400
6001–7000 $9,100
7001–8000 $9,600
8001–9000 $9,900
9001–10,000 $10,000

TIM Tools Terms

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