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Collaborative Learning
Transformation Level

one-to-one computer access

Where in the World?

Grade Level: Middle School


  • Students will write for a variety of occasions, audiences, and purposes.
  • Students will listen and respond to a variety of oral presentations.
  • Students will understand the world in spatial terms.


  • Visit the Where in the World website with your students To participate in the creation of a Where in the World? podcast just follow these directions:
    1. Plan and create a short podcast featuring your students giving creative clues about were they are in the world. You may choose your actual location OR you can choose to describe somewhere else in the world. You can use the scaffold below to help guide your production:
     -Be creative and have fun!
     -Describe your location - You can use longitude/latitude information, as well as   clues about continents, physical and  historical landmarks.
     -Describe unique cultural attributes of the area.
     -Are there people in the area you are describing? If so, what do they do?
     -What brings them there? What would  make someone want to visit this place?  -Are there any famous historical figures or events that originated in this place?
     -You must include a contact email   address at the end of the podcast, so that   participants can email their guesses to you.
     -Try to keep the podcast's duration to 5 minutes or less.
    2. Once the podcast has been recorded, edited and compressed into an MP3 or AAC file, upload it to your school's web server. If you don't have access, email and they'll find a place to post your file.
    3. You'll need to email the URL (Web Address) for your audio file and a title to us. This information should be emailed to our project coordinator, Anna Adam at
    4. Anna will be producing and updating the RSS Feed for this project. The address for this podcast feed will be
    5. If someone emails your class with an incorrect guess, you should respond with some additional clues to get them closer to the answer.
    6. If someone emails your class with the correct answer, you should send them a post card that represents your location. Ask them to send one back from where they live.

    To participate in the quiz show for the “"Where in the World?"” podcast just follow these directions:
    1. Subscribe to the podcast at
    2. Listen to each posting and use your best Internet research and deductive reasoning skills to figure out the location being described in the podcast.
    3. At the end of each posting an email will be given. Use that email to send in your guess. If you are wrong, you'll get some additional clues. If you are right, you'll get a postcard in the mail from your new podcasting pals.
    Questions and additional ideas can be sent to Dan Schmit email: Kidcast: Podcasting in the Classroom

Sunshine State Standards

  • LA.B.2.2.3
  • LA.C.1.2.1
  • LA.C.3.2.3
  • SS.B.1.2.1
  • SS.B.1.2.2
  • SS.B.1.2.5
  • MU.B.2.2.1
  • MU.B.2.2.2

NETS Profiles for Technology Literate Students

  • Design, develop, publish, and present products (e.g., Web pages, videotapes) using technology resources that demonstrate and communicate curriculum concepts to audiences inside and outside the classroom.
  • Collaborate with peers, experts, and others using telecommunications and collaborative tools to investigate curriculum-related problems, issues, and information, and to develop solutions or products for audiences inside and outside the classroom.


  • Computers
  • Internet Access
  • Where in the World website:
  • GarageBand
  • iTunes
  • Globe or World Map

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