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Collaborative Learning
Transformation Level

shared computer access

World Chat

Grade Level: High School


  • Students will be able to engage in conversation, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions in the target language.
  • Students will be able to acquire information and perspectives that are available only through the foreign language and with the target culture.
  • Students will use the language within and beyond the school setting.


  • Have students write questions that they would like to ask someone who speaks a foreign language.
  • Then, use an Instant Messanger program such as iChat, to set up a video chat between students and one or more other people outside of school. If you're using iChat, use the program GarageBand to record the chat sessions. GarageBand will create a track for each person in the chat session. It will also take snapshots of the participants throughout the chat session.
  • Save the chat in GarageBand and then it can be saved in iTunes where it can be made into a podcast.
  • The chat can also be sent to iWeb which is a web design application included in iLife '06. Go to the following url for an example:

Sunshine State Standards

  • FL.A.1.4.1
  • FL.A.1.4.2
  • FL.A.3.4.1
  • FL.C.2.4.4
  • FL.E.1.4.1
  • FL.E.1.4.2

NETS Profiles for Technology Literate Students

  • Identify capabilities and limitations of contemporary and emerging technology resources and assess the potential of these systems and services to address personal, lifelong learning, and workplace needs.
  • Use technology tools and resources for managing and communicating personal/professional information (e.g., finances, schedules, addresses, purchases, correspondence).
  • Design, develop, publish, and present products (e.g., Web pages, videotapes) using technology resources that demonstrate and communicate curriculum concepts to audiences inside and outside the classroom.


  • Computers
  • Internet Access
  • Instant messaging program (i.e., iChat, AIM, MS Instant Messenger,Yahoo Messenger, Skype, or Gizmo)
  • GarageBand
  • iTunes
  • iWeb

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