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Constructive Learning
Entry Level

one to one computer access

Lungs: Lungs-Individual and Community Choices

Grade Level: 3rd


  • The students will understand the funcions of the human body system.
  • The students will know how personal health behaviors influence individual well-being.
  • The students will know the ways in which the environment impacts health.
  • The students will recognize the costs and risks to society and the environment posed by the use of nonrenewable energy.
  • The students will know that reusing, recycling, and reducing the use of natural resources improve and protect the quality of life.


  • Review lungs and breathing.
  • Use BrainPop to review air pathway in body.
  • Discuss dangers of smoking and reinforce with pictures of black lungs.
  • Investigate other sources of black lungs, i.e coal mining. summarize and end on individual health choices and community health decisions.

Sunshine State Standards

  • HE.A.1.2.1
  • HE.A.1.2.2
  • HE.A.1.2.5
  • HE.B.1.2.1
  • HE.C.1.2.1
  • SC.A.2.2.1
  • SC.B.2.2.2
  • SC.D.2.2.1
  • SC.H.1.2.5

NETS Profiles for Technology Literate Students

  • Use technology resources (e.g., calculators, data collection probes, videos, educational software) for problem solving, self-directed learning, and extended learning activities.


  • BrainPop
  • lung models
  • google search for black lungs

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