Areas of Interest

Music for Classroom Use

Exploring Florida

Exploring Florida contains midi and mp3 versions of copyright free Florida related songs. When applicable, lyrics are posted as well. These can be a great tie in to a study of Florida History. You will also find video performances of traditional Spanish music.

A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust

The music section of A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust includes sound files to contrast music of the ghettos and camps with the music preferred by the Nazi leaders. There is also a discussion of "degenerate" music and a listing of compositions created in response to the Holocaust.


Tech Ease

In Tech Ease you will find tutorials in Garageband (for making music or making podcasts about music), iMovie, Window’s Movie Maker, and also iTunes. There is also a section on creating Interactive Experiences with the iPod. All these programs are a great way to teach the basics of music using contemporary tools. The site is also a great resource to troubleshoot basic technology issues in the classroom.

Lesson Plans

No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached shows lesson plans integrating music with other arts. There is a wonderful video explaining how one teacher uses Garageband to motivate a love for music in his students by composing their own music. Garageband can be a great for students who may have wonderful gifts in music that don’t fit the traditional Choral or Band performance route.

There are also plans for integrating music with other arts. An example of this is composing music for a stop motion animation project.

Classroom Resources

Clipart, ETC

There are tens of thousands of copyright free images in Clipart, ETC that are great for programs, bulletin boards, activity sheets, and presentations. Among these, you will find a wide array of musical instruments organized by sections of the orchestra or band with informative descriptions. The clip art images include instruments from around the world as well music notes and other related illustrations. These are great for identification and discussion.

Presentations, ETC

Presentations, ETC includes over 20,000 backgrounds for your Keynote or PowerPoint presentations. Also a selection of themes, templates, and links to other presentation resource sites. “Jazz up” the production value of your school concerts by projecting images or lyrics to accompany your students’ live music.

Professional Development

Sunshine State Standards Search

Navigating Florida’s education standards has never been easier than with the Sunshine State Standards Search. You can search by subject area, keyword, and grade level.