Integrating Drama/Theater into the Classroom

December 1, 2010

Often when people think of “drama/theater” in school, they think of secondary or higher education – not necessarily K-5. Also, people may have the idea that “drama/theater” means ONLY performances on a stage. That could not be farther away from the reality of success from integrating “drama/theater” into K – 12 subject content areas. There are many  magnet schools  which have the “integration of the arts” as a special focus. Even more exciting is that more teachers in non-magnet schools are discovering the value of integrating drama/theater into their daily classroom teaching.

Each month in our blog, we will highlight a component of our FCIT Resources that can be used to integrate drama/theater into the content areas, give examples of drama/theater integration into regular classroom instruction and learning, or review a good resource regarding drama/theater in education. So check back frequently.

Meanwhile, please take a few minutes to check out the links under “Conferences,” “Events,” “Organizations,” and “Online Resources.”  Act quickly to reserve your spot in one of the *ARTS INTEGRATION SYMPOSIA SERIES”  (see CONFERENCES). You can earn inservice credit and the registration price can’t be beat: $5!

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