Readers Theater

December 15, 2010

“Readers theatre—the oral expressive interpretation of a scripted piece of literature read in a dynamic, dramatic style—is an outstanding technique for encouraging vocabulary development, fluency and expression in all readers. Elementary educators across the country attest to the unbelievable joy that comes about when readers theatre is introduced into a library or classroom  experience. Students benefit from readers theatre because they can see, hear and practice using English and developing their listening, reading and speaking fluency. It provides participants with a legitimate reason for re-reading text in an enjoyable and engaging format.” quote from Pioneer Drama Service     ( (see more info. under RESOURCES)

Find an extensive lesson plan for a Readers Theater at This is a lesson centered around the English folk tale, “Cap o’Rushes.” In addition to performing this tale as a Readers Theater piece, students will be able to respond to writing prompts, practice compare/contrast, create a graphic response, identify basic drama literary terms, and participate in cooperative group work. This lesson was found while browsing through the FCIT website. In the “About FCIT” section, FCIT identifies itself as a member of the GEM Consortium (, which is where this lesson is housed. It was found by typing in “Drama Theater” in the SEARCH FOR box on the home page. (see more info. under RESOURCES)

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