Earth Day Dramatics

April, 2011

April 22 is Earth Day. Earth Day was first celebrated in the United States in 1970 and is now recognized around the globe. Over 180 countries participate in Earth Day activities.

Get your students involved in learning about the purpose and importance of Earth Day. From the history of its beginning, ,  to the latest Environment News on National Geographic’s website, , Earth Day has an important meaning and message for all of us.

On the two sites listed above, you will find many Earth Day facts, activities, photographs, and relevant, timely articles on today’s environmental concerns.

So how does drama fit in?

After doing the appropriate research, students can write skits, plays, commercials, stories, etc., and read and/or perform them for other students.

Another great idea is to have them produce a video that could then be shown over the school’s closed-circuit television or individually in the classrooms. Take a look at the videos in:

FCIT’s “No Strings Attached,” .

Here you will find complete lesson plans matched to the SSS standards, plus videos, matched to SSS for grades K – 12. Click on ARTS: THEATER and the grade levels of your choice. Have your students watch the videos to give examples and ideas of how they can make their own videos to share what they have learned and the message they want others to hear/see.


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