Multicultural Education through Miniatures

June, 2011

Summer vacation has begun! Take a break from dutifully checking off all the summer chores and tasks on your “summer to-do list,” and enjoy some fun activities with your family, friends, and YOURSELF!

This is also a good time to browse the Florida Center for Instructional Technology (FCIT) website at We know how rushed the school year is, and sometimes we don’t have time to take as close a look at new resources as we would like. Summer can provide a bit of time to discover and ponder how you might utilize the variety of resources found on the FCIT website. You have a lot of pent-up creativity just waiting to come out, so enjoy letting your mind have some “play time” exploring the possibilities at FCIT.

One resource that I would encourage you to check out is the “Multicultural Education through Miniatures.” (  This site includes photos, maps, stories, games, and pictures of handmade dolls and puppets from all over the world. This website can increase global awareness while helping to meet State Standards in geography, social studies, history, writing, language, technology, and the arts.

One suggestion is to incorporate storytelling/drama into a history/geography/cultural lesson by dividing students into groups of three or four. Each group would choose a doll/puppet. They could project the image from the website while re-telling the story that is written on the site. The students could take turns telling sections of the story.

Other activities could  include:

1. doing research on the character from which the doll is modeled, i.e. Sitting Bull from the USA: South Dakota doll and sharing via a presentation tool, such as PowerPoint;

2. students dress in costume and in first-person style, share information learned through research,

3. students could create their own doll/puppet regarding a topic of study in the classroom, write a skit, and have their dolls/puppets perform the skit.

Be sure to check out the “Go to Activity” link on the Multicultural Education Through Miniatures website. There are a variety of educational games and activities spanning from “easy” to “advanced” for students to use.

ENJOY exploring FCIT this summer!

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